Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Kingdom of Eraokoth

My first spoiler:

Beelzebub focused his blood red eyes on Mage Hazlitt and took in a deep breath, with a great roar that could be heard from miles away Beelzebub spit out a stream of liquid fire towards Mage Hazlitt that would have turned him into a pile of ashes.

But the wards held, even directing the fire back towards the demon prince.  Beelzebub threw himself into a frenzied rage and charged on all fours attempting to impale the mage on his huge horns. Beelzebub’s horned head hit the barriers of the wards and with the sound of a large thunderclap, was magically thrown back. Hazlitt was unharmed and even dared laugh at Beelzebub. “You cannot harm me Beelzebub and you cannot break through my wards or return to the Abyss unless I allow it” Hazlitt said.

Beelzebub started flapping his huge dragon like wings and lifted up into the air only to hit another layer of wards that arched upward to create a containment field that formed his current prison. He crashed back down to the ground infuriated, frustrated, but otherwise unhurt. “You’ll pay for this wizard, I will eventually defeat your meager magic and take you back to the Abyss and torture you for a thousand years!” Beelzebub roared.

The Kingdom of Eraokoth


Enter a magical world centered on the Kingdom of Eraokoth, a world gone mad. A world full of intrigue, where demons make deals with kings. Furious battles between medieval warships on the high seas. Enter a world where secret pacts are made between empires, powerful deities vie for dominance. Kings are murdered, queens are poisoned and a young prince gets kidnapped by Druids. Lose yourself in this epic journey where the prince becomes a man, falls in love and tries to restore order to Eraokoth.

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